Black Tie Wedding in Lake Como

There’s nothing more classy than a black tie , and Kathryn and Michael’s destination wedding in Lake Como is the perfect example. With such an incredible setting (Villa Balbianello in Lake Como, Italy), the couple elected to simplify the rest of their wedding details to keep the focus on their surroundings. An elegant black and white color palette was the perfect place to start, and with white and green florals, touches of gold in their invitations, and minimal decor, the sweeping views were indeed focused on. Climbing ivy was found throughout their venues, and one look at that ceremony space is certainly not enough to do justice to its majesty: with ancient pillars covered in greenery and the view of blue waters and wooded lakeside slopes beyond the couple, we simply can’t imagine a more breathtaking location to exchange vows at.

Read on for more from the photographer, Melanie Gabrielle:
“Kathlyn and Michael’s stunning destination wedding took place at the magnificent Villa Balbianello in Lake Como, Italy. With simplicity in their floral and reception design space, Kathlyn allowed the incredible natural beauty of the villa to shine. Kathlyn and Michael wanted their wedding to be timeless and classic with a simple color palette, classic tuxedos, touches of gold in their wedding invitation, a restored wooden boat that brought the couple to their wedding venue, and Kathlyn’s breathtaking gown that perfectly mirrored the intricate vines that cover the venue’s grand arches. They also added some sweet Italian touches to their wedding favors in the form of traditional Italian wedding puff pastries and small bottles of local limoncello. For their welcome party, Kathlyn and Michael invited their guests to join them for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s floating dock at sunset. The afternoon after their wedding, we took the ferry to Bellagio, where they enjoyed shopping, authentic Italian gelato, and shared a coffee on the water. It was the perfect ending to an amazing weekend in Lake Como!”

Photography: Melanie Gabrielle |

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10 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding decor has been getting more and more creative over recent years, with couples personalising their day in all kinds of different ways.

And one detail that adds an instant personal touch is a wedding cake topper.

Gone are the days of a classic cake topper, with figurines of a bride and groom standing still (though they can still be pretty fun and retro!). Now you can have sweet phrases, custom-made names, personalised figures, and all manner of different religions, races and genders catered to, with unique cake toppers.


Photo by Imagery with Impact via Bridal Musings

So, to give you some ideas for adorning your cake, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite cake toppers, from the cool to the custom made, that you can order online for your big day.

Scroll down to shop cake toppers, and don’t forget to click through to see more unique ideas from online shops and crafty makers for adding a personal touch to your day.

1. Mrs Sparkle


Mrs & Mrs Cake Topper by Sophie Victoria Joy on Etsy

2. Face to Face


Custom Silhouette Cake Topper by Silhouette Weddings on Etsy

3. Love Birds


Smitten Swans Cake Topper via BHLDN

4. My Favourite


You’re My Favourite Cake Topper by Better Off Wed on Etsy

5. Arrow Through My Heart


Cupid’s Arrow Cake Topper by Icing 101 on Etsy

6. Paper Dolls


Custom Cake Topper Banner and Figures by ReadyGo on Etsy

7. True Love


Love You More Than Nutella Cake Topper by Communicake It on Etsy

8. New Name


Custom Heart Cake Topper by Miss Sarah Cake on Etsy

9. The Regal Touch


Crown Cake Topper by My Paper Romance on Etsy

10. Hip Hip…


Hooray Cake Topper via BHLDN

Some fun ideas, right? I think that Nutella one is my favourite. The great thing about sites like Etsy is that you can be as creative and as personalised as you like.

Check out our curated Etsy shop for more unique wedding ideas.

Shop More Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

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A Musical + Artsy Wedding Overlooking the Ocean

Modern Ocean View Wedding

With a crafted around color + music, a super creative couple, and a theme of “Sounds Like Love” – we simply had to share!! Chelsea + Tyler don’t just LOVE music, but they live it and breath it; in fact, they have a business where they create colorful sound wave art! Their shared passion served as the inspiration for the whole wedding and with a team of creatives to help, they truly turned the day into a symphony of sounds.

navy invitationpastel bouquetbridesmaids robesModern Ocean View WeddingRue De Seine DressModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View Weddingshotsboom boxmixtape escort cardsescort cardswatercolorModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View WeddingmixtapescheersModern Ocean View WeddingModern Ocean View Wedding

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Traditional Italian Wedding in Florence (with the most loved-up bride and groom)

Every couple we feature in our real weddings is in love. But I feel like today’s bride and groom are in love at a whole other level! Maybe it’s an Italian thing, but they’re giving us major relationship goals.

Ambra & Francesco are a cool couple from Florence, who married with a quintessential Italian wedding in the hills overlooking the city.

With a romantic church ceremony, a drive in a mini to their al fresco foodie reception, a quick dress change, and an evening under the stars, this couple had the most spectacular day.

And one of our favourite Italian photographers, Stefano Santucci, was there to capture every gorgeous detail.


While we’re all wrapped up in Ambra & Francesco’s epic love story (which you can read about in the bride and groom’s words below), this wedding is also crammed with beautiful decor and chic style.

From Ambra’s elegant Pronovias wedding gown (and her glamorous reception dress!) to Francesco’s very close shave and smart suit, the couple set the tone for their stylish celebration.

And when it came to the decor, tall tea-light holders, candlelit terrariums, an abundance of florals, potted herbs and over-head lights made their outdoor banquet, a pretty special one to be seated at.

Scroll down to see this sweet couple, and their gorgeous Tuscan wedding (and don’t forget to read their ‘Wish Upon a Star’ love story!).


From the Bride

We met on November 16, 2007 at Bebop. I was with two friends there, Francesco with three friends. None of us had ever been to that place before. That night the The Vickers played. 

Now, we’ve been together for nine years, including three of living together.

He says that I am the wish he made on a falling star that he saw one night in August, three months before going to Bebop. I do not know how, but I always knew it was him, that I had found him.

At first I was sorry to have known him when I was 21. I was young and maybe a part of me wanted to do other experiences, but I could not ignore what I felt. We grew up together.

traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-10  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-45

We are very different, but we found immediately a joint that works. We compensate and understand eachother deeply. This still surprises me because we come from completely different realities.

However, the basic values are shared. One family is a big beautiful close-knit family, the other a complicated tangle. We always shared everything.

He has done so much for me, indeed, for us. Francis and I have traveled often. The first trip was for his 25th birthday (one month and shortly after that we met) he took me to London.

From there it was a series of adventures. The largest was the cohabitation. Our house was all arranged and chosen together from the smallest detail.  

I always put the eyewash in his eyes in the morning and he dries my hair.


We decided to get married. He asked me when we returned from a weekend in Paris to celebrate our seventh anniversary.

I can not help but love and continue to choose him every day of my life. I am a better person since I met him.

Neither of us was a practicing Catholic, my mother is a Buddhist and I’m just been baptised as a child. I did Communion and Confirmation last year in view of marriage. We decided to take this important step before God, to make it unique and unrepeatable.

Do not dare man separate what God has joined together.


From the Groom

It was back in August 2007 and I was at the lake Bilancino. That evening I saw a shooting star and expressed a wish. Finding someone to love, who loved me and was right for me.

On 16 November 2007 I found her, unexpectedly at Bebop. Me and Ambra were looking in the mirror next to each other, “we are the same height!”. We were dancing to ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’, and from there the first kiss.

Amber and I are very different and very similar. Amber is extrovert, unlike me, knows how to be with people, she always knows how best to behave in all circumstances, it is impossible not to love her. We compensate. We are a nice family. 

wedding photographer fiesole tuscany photo sir rick bowman rings

For our seventh anniversary we went for a weekend in Paris. I had already arranged everything to ask her to marry me, but I did not want to be obvious and ask her in Paris.

So I unleashed my friend and future witness Riccardo, charging him to go to take a bunch of flowers I’d ordered and bring it into our house along with a white shirt that says “Just missing the proposal: will you marry me?”

On our return, on the stairs, before she opened the door I said: “Love, happy anniversary. I love you.”

And then the totally unexpected surprise, and her emotion, and her YES.

Now, the opening words of the last album that we recorded it says: ‘To the woman who always chooses my clothes in the morning.”

traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-88  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-66




traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-18  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-23


traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-20  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-19


traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-30  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-31




traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-36  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-56




traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-51  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-54


traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-44  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-43


traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-87  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-53


traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-73  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-74


traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-58  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-71


traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-92  traditional-italian-wedding-by-stefano-santucci-photography-69




Such a gorgeous wedding, right? Don’t they seem like the most in love couple – head over heels, best friends. I just love it when our real wedding couples seem so meant to be!

Thanks so much to Stefano Santucci, and of course, Ambra & Francesco for sharing their beautiful wedding in Florence with us.

Be inspired by more romantic real weddings

Photographer: Stefano Santucci Studio / Reception Venue: Villa Montefiano / Ceremony Venue: Chiesa di San Martino a Mensola / Bride’s Dress: Pronovias / Groom’s Attire: Montezemolo / Invitations & Stationery: Lorenzo and Daniele Davitti + Kachina Design / Makeup Artist: Rodolfo Gualazzini / Hairstylist: Oreste Studio Beauty / Grooming: Blues Barber Shop / Flowers & Decor: La Rosa Canina / DJ: SeguiSamu DJ / Band: Jacopo Martini Trio / Catering: Galateo Ricevimenti / Lighting: Alma Project
Photographer: Stefano Santucci Studio / Reception Venue: Villa Montefiano / Ceremony Venue: Chiesa di San Martino a Mensola / Bride’s Dress: Pronovias / Groom’s Attire: Montezemolo / Invitations & Stationery: Lorenzo and Daniele Davitti + Kachina Design / Makeup Artist: Rodolfo Gualazzini / Hairstylist: Oreste Studio Beauty / Grooming: Blues Barber Shop / Flowers & Decor: La Rosa Canina / DJ: SeguiSamu DJ / Band: Jacopo Martini Trio / Catering: Galateo Ricevimenti / Lighting: Alma Project×420.jpg
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{Guest Post} Hacks For Hosting a Better Party – Part 1!

Preparing to Host a Better Party – Hacks that Will Make You a Less Stressed, More Efficient Host

Throwing a party can be stressful, and often the stress doesn’t fully set in until the party has begun and you are dealing with a handful of situations at once. Welcoming your guests is all about anticipating their needs, which comes with time and practice. But by doing some research in advance, you can circumvent some of those issues you may encounter and skip ahead to being a master party host! Note: this advice is coming from a person who once hosted friends for drinks without thinking to acquire a corkscrew ahead of time.

Being a gracious party host starts with making room for your guests. Often you won’t realize until after an influx of party-goers arrives that you haven’t designated closet space for coats, or an area for people to put their purses. It’s only when your artfully-arranged appetizer table is littered with clutches, and your entry way is a disaster zone of shoes and coats that you realize something is amiss.

Start by clearing your own shoes and jackets out of the area where people will naturally deposit theirs (that’s where they will end up unless you direct guests otherwise). If you’re short on closet space, try doubling up your hanger space by attaching a hanger to each current one with a soda can tab. Pro tip: use this system to move your own bounty of coats out of the way, as guests may not be quick to pick up on your clever new system!

FiftyFlowers Guest Post - Party Planning Hacks

The other key area to make room for guests is your fridge. If your fridge light is out and you can’t reach it because there’s too much food in there – that’s the first sign you need to make some room. Take it as an opportunity to throw out old food, condiments, and flat soda. Cleaning the surfaces of the fridge is a good idea, as it will be a high-trafficked spot. The same goes for the freezer: make sure there is at least some room for beverages that need cooling quickly (like wine!) and always have ice on hand. If the party is scheduled to begin in 15 minutes and you realize you forgot to arrange ice (while clinking some in a glass for your pre-party drink), you have two options: begin transferring the ice you do have to a Tupperware container and start freezing new ice, or text an ally and ask them to stop for some on the way.

FiftyFlowers Guest Post - Party Planning Hacks


For party hosts who don’t keep the cleanest of homes, a horrifying phenomenon can occur: all of the signs of a lived-in home that seem totally reasonable to you on an everyday basis suddenly become glaring displays that you’re sure your guests are staring at. Every stray fingerprint on glass or strand of hair that escaped the vacuum is visibly shaming you.

In order to host a gathering that won’t result in silent judgment from your acquaintances, you must present a clean living space. Now this doesn’t mean you need to meticulously keep house the week of the party like a 1950s housewife, since you’re not a regular party host – you’re a cool party host! The key is to make your home appear clean to guests. Any spot in your home that you don’t use on a regular basis needs attention. If you normally eat meals in the living room (no judgement, I do too), the floor around your kitchen table is sure to be a haven for seaweed-like piles of hair and dust that will become immediately apparent to guests when they pull a chair out. It’s the spots you suspect the least that will betray you in the end.

Stay tuned for even more tips and tricks in Part 2!


This piece is contributed by, a lifestyle blog devoted to helping readers make life a little easier. From home repairs to health, Fixprovides a daily dose of improvement.

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registry test

registry test

Mr. Bowtie

Mr. Bowtie

March 18
El Segundo, CA
Web Developer
May 2007

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Watercooler: October 21, 2016

  1. Fun Customs We’re Wholeheartedly Rejecting by Miss Sixpence
  2. Walk a Mile in These Shoes by Miss Wishbone
  3. In Which We Almost Don’t Hire a Videographer (Spoiler: We Do) by Miss Sixpence
  4. Happily Feather After: Early Mornings & Little Somethings by Mrs. Feather
  5. Happily Feather After: Getting Pretty by Mrs. Feather
  6. Real E-Rings: Morganite Engagement Rings
  7. Rehearsal Dinner Decor: Flower Edition by Miss Ice Cream Sundae
  8. Once in a Blue Moon: The Girls Get Made Up by Mrs. Blue Moon
  9. Once in a Blue Moon: Like Father, Like Daughter by Mrs. Blue Moon
  10. Best Officiant Ever! by Miss Wishbone


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Happily Feather After: Setting the Scene

Paper Flower Garland

We spent a lot of time working out where our ceremony would take place. I wanted something simple but woodsy, with deep greens and a sense of scale. After a quick trip to the park with our photographer, we picked out this little grove as our official spot.

It didn’t look like much to start, but with a few small touches, it really popped.

outdoor ceremony setup kilim rug

Much of the credit goes to our coordinator, N, for figuring out how to hang the paper flower garlands that Mr. Feather and I made. I’d originally planned to make 15–20 10-foot long strands and hang them vertically from the branches. After making eight strands, we were both fed up with spending every evening cutting, folding, and gluing.

Also during this time, Charlie figured out that he could reach things on the coffee table if he stood on our couch. He ended up eating a bunch of paper flowers and ripping a couple more to pieces, which added to my frustration. He’s usually not destructive, but paper is his weakness.

paper flower eaten by dog

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” // Personal photo

I handed N the box and said something like, “I hated everything about making these flowers. If you can figure out something to do with them, that would be rad. If not, I’ll toss them into our fireplace and try to forget this ever happened.”

paper flower garland

Long story short, I was thrilled with the way N hung them. And one of my close friends here in Seattle loved how they looked so much that she asked me if she could borrow them for her backyard wedding in September. They looked amazing for her too!

I would definitely recommend spending your time wisely when it comes to wedding DIY. For the price I spent on supplies and the time we sunk into making the garlands, I could have easily bought something similar from Etsy. On the other hand, I did feel a huge sense of pride knowing that we had made them together.

I also loved the way the rug I bought for our ceremony looked in the space. I was worried about it being too big or too small. It ended up being just right, and now we have a beautiful addition to our living room.

happily feather after

Missed a Feather recap? Catch up below!

All photos by angela + evan photography
Recap image created by the wonderful Mrs. Horseshoe using assets from

Mrs. Feather

Mrs. Feather

Editorial Manager
Wedding Date:
July 2016
Volunteer Park and the Stimson-Green Mansion

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Wedding Food: It’s What’s for Dinner

Italian Wedding Menu

While the thought of auditioning caterers sounds super fun and delicious, I also found it really overwhelming…so it came as a relief when we found out that our reception venue was inclusive when it came to food and liquor. We selected our menu after a tasting at Salvatore’s (where I failed to take any photos—dumb) and posted it on our website for our guests’ reference.

italian wedding menu

It may ruin the “surprise,” but I highly recommend this, especially if you know you have preferences or allergies among your guests.

So, here’s what we chose: at our cocktail hour, we will have passed apps and a full bar available, including our signature cocktail—a rosemary gin fizz. We both love gin, and the rosemary simple syrup evokes that festive holiday feeling we’re going for. Salvatore’s was so nice about this—I’ll be making and bringing in the syrup myself, which I thought they might balk at, but they just told me to give them the recipe and they’ll make the drinks happen!

cheese board bowls of fruit gin fizz

The first time I made this cocktail—Thanksgiving 2014, when the power went out at noon and the turkey was half-cooked in our electric oven. OMG.

And on to the food: since our venue is Italian, we decided to begin with a fun pasta course (farfalle in a tomato vodka cream sauce—simple but very tasty). Then, we’ll serve a classic Caesar salad before the entrée: a choice of filet, chicken with lemon and capers, or vegetarian pasta. I lament that the veg option was limited to pasta considering our first course, but we had to work within the restrictions of the venue. We will also have wine service with dinner and, of course, a champagne toast.

So there you have it!* We will be serving pretty standard food, but we’re hoping that the fun touches (pasta course, signature drink) will help make it special. And we are looking into a “late night” treat, because who doesn’t love that trend?

What did you choose for your menu?

*Well, there’s still dessert—but as a sugar addict, I feel the cake absolutely deserves its own post. Stay tuned.

Miss Sixpence

Miss Sixpence

Wedding Date:
December 2016
Saint Clement Parish and Salvatore’s Ristorante

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Our favorite dresses from Bridal Fashion Week – Fall 2017

Let’s take a minute and talk about those gorge dresses above!? They are from the latest BERTA bridal collection – so much pretty from that show!!

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite dresses straight from the NY runway…

marchesa fall 2017

The first show we checked out was the Marchesa show where we fell in love with these two gowns – the floral appliqués are so GORGE!

marchesa_fall_2017_02oscar dela renta cape wedding dressPronovias Bridal Market NYC 2016odylyne the ceremony dressesodylyne the ceremony dresseswtoo brides backRembo Styling 2017 Bohemian Bridal CollectionRembo Styling 2017 Bohemian Bridal Collectionreem acra 2017persy alberta gownhayley-paige-bridal-spring-2017-style-6700-lumi_1GALA by GALIA LAHAVGALA by GALIA LAHAVfrancesca miranda wedding dressfrancesca miranda wedding dressclaire pettiboneberta bridal capeAlon Livné Whitebhldn 2017 collectionbhldn 2017 collectionbhldn 2017 collection

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