Good afternoon, hive! Are you ready for some more gorgeous bridal bouquet inspo? Today, we’re sharing all the lovely single-flower bouquets you submitted, featuring peonies and roses. To learn more about this series, you can check out the first post here. And to submit your own bouquet, head here, or scroll to the bottom of this post.

Sometimes a single flowers repeated throughout makes for the loveliest of bouquets—check out these real bridal bouquets from the hive for proof that the simple things in life are sometimes the best.

Single Flower Bridal Bouquets (submit your bouquet here)

white rose bouquet single flower bridal bouquets

ladyvictoria‘s white rose bouquet

Color/Flowers: white roses

DIY or professional? professional

light pink peony bouquet

nataliabow7‘s light pink peony bouquet

Colors/Flowers: light pink peonies

DIY or professional? DIY

Price: $1 for the white tulle that was wrapped around the stems ?

purple and cream rose bouquet

Lahela017‘s purple and white rose bouquet

Colors/Flowers: purple and white roses

DIY or professional? DIY

Price: $75

pink and white peony bouquet

Catholicbride‘s pink and white peony bouquet

Colors/Flowers: shades of pink peonies

DIY or professional? professional

cascading rose bouquet

iamdre‘s cascading rose bouquet

Colors/Flowers: blush, ivory, and white roses with lambs ear and other greenery

DIY or professional? professional

hot pink ombre peony bouquet

bunnylovepeony‘s shades of pink peonies bouquet

Colors/Flowers: three shades of pink peonies

DIY or professional? DIY

Price: Peonies were out of season in California in June, so I ordered them from a farm out of state. I spent $900 on 300 stems including overnight shipping and ~$100 on French satin ribbons. But these were for my entire including all bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, pew markers, etc. My bouquet alone had 16 stems.


Be a part of this ongoing “Real Bouquets from the Hive” feature! Just fill out the corresponding survey to your bouquet style, which will prompt you to upload your bouquet photo to the Weddingbee Gallery, and then once at least 10 people with that style of bouquet have filled out the survey, it will become a post on the Weddingbee blog!

The posts will continuously be updated to reflect new bouquet submissions, and eventually we hope they will be an amazing repository of REAL bridal bouquets to inspire bees for years to come.

If you want to participate in this Real Bouquets series, select your style of bouquet below and fill out the corresponding survey!

1. Rose
2. Hydrangea
3. Ranunculus
4. Peony
5. Lily
6. Daisy
7. Mix
8. Other Floral
9. Non-Floral

Don’t see your style here? No worries! Drop us a note in the comments on this thread, and if we get enough interest in that style (minimum of 10 bees) we will create a new survey for that bouquet style!



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