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Moss Decor Inspiration

Planning a summer , but looking for a way to beat the heat? Then a Woodland Wedding might be just the right fit! There are few ceremony locations more beautiful than a lush wooded clearing with beams of sunlight poking through. Another benefit of choosing this theme during hotter seasons is that a lot of the main floral components used in the Woodland Wedding look tend to be ultra-hardy. One in particular–that we’ll be highlighting today–is Moss! Scroll on for a breakdown of the different varieties of moss, along with some inspiration photos for how they can be used…


Sheet Moss – Probably the most commonly used moss type, this variety comes out of the box in–as the name suggests–sheets. Available in Dried or Fresh types, both are very easy to work with!

Sheet Moss Inspiration - FiftyFlowers

{Sources: Boutonniere display box, Table runner, Book centerpiece cluster.}


Mood Moss – This type of moss comes in clump-like pieces which are thicker than Sheet Moss, which makes it perfect for adding some height and dimension to your Woodland decor. Also available in Dried or Fresh varieties!

Mood Moss Inspiration - FiftyFlowers

{Sources: Centerpiece with candles, Stump with Mood Moss, Ring display with succulents.}


Spanish Moss – Has long strands that can easily be draped over a wall or door to create a textured surface (like the escort card photo below) or gently pulled apart into smaller tendrils (like the hanging flower arrangement below). Its neutral, sage green color makes it the perfect addition to just about any color palette! Simply pull it out of the box and lightly “fluff it up” before working it into your decor.

Spanish Moss - FiftyFlowers

{Sources: Spanish Moss escort cards, Hanging arrangement with Roses, Aisle arrangement in wooden box.}


Reindeer Moss – Offered in three different colors–Natural, BasilSpring Green–and an Assorted Pack of all three shades. This specific variety comes in clusters and have a sponge-y texture. Reindeer Moss dries really well and can be used over and over!

Reindeer Moss - FiftyFlowers

{Sources: Wildflower seed sign, Centerpiece with Roses and Hydrangea, Tree stump cluster with candles.}


Peel N Stick Moss – This dried, adhesive variety is available in Mats or Rolls, depending on how many items you need to decorate! It also has graph-paper-like grid lines on the back to help you measure and cut straight lines–which is a good thing, because the adhesive is very strong!

Peel N Stick Mossy - FiftyFlowers

{Sources: Moss-covered monogram, LOVE sign, Initials above barn door.}


Mountain Moss – This dried type of moss differs from Sheet Moss in its color, the size and shape of its pieces, and the size of the moss fibers (which are larger than that of Sheet Moss).

Mountain Moss - FiftyFlowers

{Sources: Table number with candles, Candlestick centerpiece, Moss-wrapped gift.}

Stay tuned on the blog tomorrow for a little video we made, introducing and differentiating the various types of moss!



from FiftyFlowers the Blog

Romantic Super 8mm Wedding Film by the Sea in Greece

Filmmaker: Mark Brown Films / Song used: ‘Somewhere’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros / Photographer: Theodoros Chiliapas / Reception Venue: Thirides Beach Resort / Bride’s Dress: Galia Lahav / Wedding Planner: Think Happy Events

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4 Reasons Why You Should Let Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dresses

Bride with her bridesmaids in mismatched dresses

In recent years, the industry has been all about mismatched bridesmaid dresses. This offbeat, natural look creates a beautiful visual of varying colors and styles. With this option, however, each bridesmaid is typically granted the chance to choose her own dress. It’s a big step from the traditional practice of the bride making the final decision for the entire group.

This type of approach makes for gorgeous photo opportunities, too. The popularity of ombre has fueled the love for mismatched dresses within a specific color palette. It also works especially well for weddings that incorporate nature. Think rustic, woodland, and garden weddings. However, it can be easily incorporated into more glamorous celebrations with the right choice of fabrics.

The advantages stretch beyond visuals, though. It’s an ideal option if you truly want to share every moment of the wedding process with your best girls. Plus, it’s an excellent way to mix things up if you’re not one for tradition. Still on the fence? Keep reading for a list of surprising benefits.

Woman in blue dress

1. They’ll Feel Comfortable

When your bridesmaids choose their own dresses, they are more likely to feel comfortable on your big day. They will be wearing it for many hours, after all. Additionally, every person has different clothing preferences. Some women like more modest cuts, while others like to show a little skin. Others may prefer short-sleeved dresses over strapless styles. Some might feel more confident when rocking a specific kind of neckline.

Body type and skin tone will also be taken into consideration. What will work for one bridesmaid might not work for the other. This is especially important to keep in mind if your bridesmaids are a diverse bunch of ladies. However, when each bridesmaid picks a different dress, they can wear something that makes them feel amazing. They will be more likely to radiate confidence as they stand by your side.

2. It’s Less Stressful

Wedding planning involves making decisions… lots of them. And when it comes to making a choice that will impact an entire group of people, things can get a little crazy. It goes without saying that it can be difficult to consider multiple opinions at once.

Picking out bridesmaid dresses is no exception. Sure, it might be your big day, but it wouldn’t be possible without your best girls by your side. By letting each bridesmaid choose her own dress, the only person she will need to consult is you. Granting individual tokens of approval is much easier than doing it on a group level.

Coins Dropped in a Jar

3. You’ll Save Money

There are two ways to go about letting your bridesmaids choose their own dresses. You can let them choose from a pre-determined set that will be included in your wedding budget, or you can allow them to purchase their own dresses and save yourself some cash.

While the latter might seem like a gray area, there are many benefits to this option. For starters, the last two concepts will be emphasized: when they are spending their own money on a dress, they will be more likely to choose something that they feel good in and it’s less for you to worry about.

The decision-making process will also be easier. Of course, don’t forget to express specific requests. This can include anything from a range of dress lengths to a general color palette. Tell them if they should stick to solids or patterns. If you prefer a specific fabric, let them know. And if you don’t? Make this known as well.

If you plan to gift them jewelry to wear on the big day, show it to them. This will provide guidance in choosing a dress that works with the jewelry. If you’d rather surprise them on the day of, give them a brief description of the shape and style of each piece.

4. They’ll Use It Again

We all know about the predictable fate of a bridesmaid dress. Often, the dress is tucked away, never to see the light of day again. This is especially common when the dress is in a color, shade, or cut that the bridesmaid wouldn’t typically wear.

When a bridesmaid picks her dress, she will deviate toward something that she loves. In the future, she will be more likely to wear it over and over again. It doubles as a wearable memory of your big day. This will get the most out of every dollar spent, regardless of who shelled out the cash. It sure beats knowing that a dress is collecting dust in the depths of a closet and is one the most sustainable moves you can make as a bride.

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Getting the Wedding Guest List Right: Who You Should Invite and Who You Can Leave Off

Wedding guest place cards

Making a guest list can be one of the most stressful parts of planning your . Who to invite and who to skip can mean walking a minefield of hurt feelings, arguments, and etiquette gaffes. Stakes are especially high when each additional guest can make your budget skyrocket. Luckily, there are some tips and things you can keep in mind to make it easier when making your list and checking it twice.

Wedding Size

large wedding venue

First, you need a general idea of the size of the wedding you want. The bigger the wedding, the more stressful navigating the guest list will be. For example, if you have a wedding where only you and your spouse’s parents are invited, your friends, acquaintances and workmates will understand not being invited. The larger the wedding the more delicately you need to manage other people’s feelings.

Who is Paying?

Generally, the couple getting married have ultimate control over the wedding. However, if someone else is paying for it, they should get to make a few decisions, especially regarding the guest list. These demands need to be kept within reason, of course. You don’t want to have to invite 20 extra people to your small 30 person wedding, but if you are having a decent sized ceremony, adding a few random folks that your financier wants to invite shouldn’t be too much of a hardship. (Plus more gifts!) An important exception to this are people that you actively don’t want there, such as an estranged or problematic relative. Speaking of which…

Problematic Relatives and Friends

Arguing friends

If you absolutely do not want someone at your wedding, then I believe you should keep them off the guest list. I don’t mean people that have merely irritated you, but rather those you have decided you do not want in your life anymore. It does not matter if it is a former workmate or your mother; if you feel that strongly about a person, then it is completely okay to not want to deal with them on such an important day. If your soon-to-be spouse really wants to invite them, then you need to come to an understanding between the two of you, but this is good practice for marriage where you have to compromise a bajillion times a day. Conversely, a wedding can be a good chance to offer an olive branch, but sometimes we keep people out of our lives for good reasons and no one (besides you and your fiancé) absolutely has to be at the wedding.


One helpful rule of thumb when inviting people to your wedding is to invite them (or not invite them) in categories. For example, if you invite one of your cousins, you should also invite your other cousins. Of course, this is just a general rule, and there may be tons of exceptions. If you are very close with one person at work you can invite them, but ask them not to tell anyone else. A word of caution, though: with social media it is almost impossible to keep who was at your wedding secret, so I would not count on discretion as a plan to keep others from finding out who you invited. It is best to assume that word will get out and to plan your guest list accordingly.

People that Invited you to Their Wedding

If you have the space and feel okay about it, it is good etiquette to invite the people that have invited you to their wedding. However, it is not mandatory. If someone had a 300 guest wedding and yours is only 50 people, you may not have space for them, and they should understand. Everyone that goes through the stress of wedding planning knows that you have to draw the line somewhere, and they may even be relieved.

Dealing with Disappointment

The people who you do not invite may feel disappointed, but if they are a reasonably well adjusted adult, they will get over it quickly (unless it really comes as a blow). If you are not inviting someone you think may take it harshly, for example someone who thinks they are closer to you than you do, or a sibling that likes to make scenes, you may want to have coffee with them and explain why you couldn’t include them as nicely as possible. Always make sure that you refrain from talking about your wedding around anyone you’ve left out in order to avoid putting salt in the wound.

Covert Non-Invitations

Invitation reply card

So this is when you invite someone because you know they are not likely to come. Maybe the wedding is far away and they don’t like to travel, or you know they will be out of town those dates. This is a fine, though risky, strategy. If you invite someone, no matter how unlikely it is that they may RSVP yes, make sure that there is space and that you don’t actually mind them being there, just in case.

At the end of the day, you and your fiancé are the ones that get to make the final decision about the size and guest list of your wedding, though a little grace and flexibility, especially when someone else is paying, can make the whole thing go a little more smoothly.

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Real Bouquets from the Hive: Single Flower Bouquets

Good afternoon, hive! Are you ready for some more gorgeous bridal bouquet inspo? Today, we’re sharing all the lovely single-flower bouquets you submitted, featuring peonies and roses. To learn more about this series, you can check out the first post here. And to submit your own bouquet, head here, or scroll to the bottom of this post.

Sometimes a single flowers repeated throughout makes for the loveliest of bouquets—check out these real bridal bouquets from the hive for proof that the simple things in life are sometimes the best.

Single Flower Bridal Bouquets (submit your bouquet here)

white rose bouquet single flower bridal bouquets

ladyvictoria‘s white rose bouquet

Color/Flowers: white roses

DIY or professional? professional

light pink peony bouquet

nataliabow7‘s light pink peony bouquet

Colors/Flowers: light pink peonies

DIY or professional? DIY

Price: $1 for the white tulle that was wrapped around the stems ?

purple and cream rose bouquet

Lahela017‘s purple and white rose bouquet

Colors/Flowers: purple and white roses

DIY or professional? DIY

Price: $75

pink and white peony bouquet

Catholicbride‘s pink and white peony bouquet

Colors/Flowers: shades of pink peonies

DIY or professional? professional

cascading rose bouquet

iamdre‘s cascading rose bouquet

Colors/Flowers: blush, ivory, and white roses with lambs ear and other greenery

DIY or professional? professional

hot pink ombre peony bouquet

bunnylovepeony‘s shades of pink peonies bouquet

Colors/Flowers: three shades of pink peonies

DIY or professional? DIY

Price: Peonies were out of season in California in June, so I ordered them from a farm out of state. I spent $900 on 300 stems including overnight shipping and ~$100 on French satin ribbons. But these were for my entire including all bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, pew markers, etc. My bouquet alone had 16 stems.


Be a part of this ongoing “Real Bouquets from the Hive” feature! Just fill out the corresponding survey to your bouquet style, which will prompt you to upload your bouquet photo to the Weddingbee Gallery, and then once at least 10 people with that style of bouquet have filled out the survey, it will become a post on the Weddingbee blog!

The posts will continuously be updated to reflect new bouquet submissions, and eventually we hope they will be an amazing repository of REAL bridal bouquets to inspire bees for years to come.

If you want to participate in this Real Bouquets series, select your style of bouquet below and fill out the corresponding survey!

1. Rose
2. Hydrangea
3. Ranunculus
4. Peony
5. Lily
6. Daisy
7. Mix
8. Other Floral
9. Non-Floral

Don’t see your style here? No worries! Drop us a note in the comments on this thread, and if we get enough interest in that style (minimum of 10 bees) we will create a new survey for that bouquet style!



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Boho Chic Meets Geode + Watercolor Pastel Wedding Inspiration

Boho Love Story Inspiration

Oh my goodness, have we got a treat for you today! First, let’s set the stage: an overall boho chic vibe, geodes, pastel hues, a vespa, macramé, gorgeous vintage touches, and the DREAMIEST florals you’ve ever seen. Are your eyes wide with curiosity? We don’t blame you! The moment we saw this boho chic meets watercolor pastel-hued inspiration — photographed by Lisa Anderson of Wisteria Photography, along with second shooter Jill Kling  our mouths dropped in awe.

pastel invitation suiteengagement ringBoho Love Story InspirationDreamers & Lovers wedding dressDreamers & Lovers wedding dressDreamers & Lovers wedding dressspring bouquetDreamers & Lovers wedding dresscolorful poppy bouquetoff the shoulder dressbridesmaidsspring time bouquetsBoho Love Story Inspirationback jeweleryfloral swingBoho Love Story InspirationBoho Love Story Inspirationfloral backdropBoho Love Story Inspirationfloral half circleBoho Love Story InspirationBoho Love Story InspirationBoho Love Story Inspirationfloral topped drinkscheese boardfloral mantlecocktailsBoho Love Story Inspirationnavy suit groomwatercolor rock escort cardsfloral hoop receptionBoho Love Story Inspirationblue watercolor dishfloral hoopBoho Love Story InspirationBoho Love Story Inspirationcake tablehanging pink cakevespa portraitsvespa portraitsfloral basket on a vespaBoho Love Story Inspirationvintage vw bugbetter together signage

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Flourish and Fragile Inspiration Shoot

To achieve the beautiful imagery in this lovely inspiration shoot, the talented creative team worked from two basic concepts—Florish and Fragile—along with the the gorgeous setting of Fulham Palace to build something simple, elegant and timeless as well as connect the design of the to its surroundings and emphasize the beauty of the venue. With styling led by Sundari Uthayakumar, florals by Floribunda Rose and stationery by Bureau Design the look is both organic and elegant. Lucky for us the talented Emma Pilkington was on hand to capture all the beauty in these lovely images!

flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot14flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot00flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot01flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot07flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot08flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot04flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot10flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot11flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot12flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot25flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot24flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot13flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot15flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot16flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot03flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot32flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot23flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot19flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot30flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot28flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot37flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot36flourish-fragile-elegant-organic-romatic-dusty-blue-european-wedding-inspiration-shoot34Photography: Emma Pilkington // Styling: Sundari Uthayakumar // Flowers: Floribunda Rose // Stationery: Bureau Design // Venue: Fulham Palace // Dress: Cherry Williams // Makeup: Kristina Gasperas // Hair: Kasia Fortuna // Crockery: Classic Crockery // Furnishings: Stress Free Hire // Cake: Butter Beautiful // Boudoir Attire: Daisy Sheldon // Ribbons: Pompom Blossom // Hair Accessories: Donna Crain // Model: Linda at The Squad


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Canada’s Loveliest Wedding Venues For 2017


Now that you’re engaged (congrats!) you’ll need to start thinking about potential venues. The space you decide on for your big event will dictate everything from the tone to the dress code so it’s no surprise that most couples tackle this particular wedding booking first.

This year, there’s no shortage of beautiful new wedding venues (and established favourites!), all of which have something completely unique to offer. Whether you’re hoping for a wedding theme that is traditional, romantic, industrial, or intimate, there’s definitely an ideal spot for your celebration within this year’s list. Check out our top picks for 2017, and you just might find your dream wedding venue.

Want to explore more jaw-dropping spaces? See last year’s list of beautiful wedding venues.

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Modern + Edgy Forest Wedding in Northern California

Modern Forest Wedding

Just north of Lake Tahoe is the Chalet View Lodge, located in the cozy mountain town of Graeagle. It was here that Alicia + Derek said their I do’s, amidst golden fields of wheat and tall evergreen trees. The two had been together for 10 years and you can see every bit of love they have for each other illuminated in the photos captured by Hannah Costello. Alicia’s sister, Aubriana of The Bloomery Co., crafted the most beautiful fall-inspired florals to complement the natural scenery and modern + moody design elements.

watercolor invitationBHLDN Wedding Dresswhimsical forest bouquetall black suited groomfirst lookModern Forest WeddingModern Forest Weddingblack and golden bridesmaidsgroomsmenBHLDN wedding dressModern Forest WeddingModern Forest WeddingModern Forest WeddingBHLDN Wedding Dressmodern boutonnierebraided hairModern Forest Weddingfloral wall backdropfloral wall backdropModern Forest WeddingModern Forest WeddingModern Forest WeddingModern Forest WeddingModern Forest Weddingacrylic table chartModern Forest WeddingModern Forest WeddingmenuModern Forest Weddingacrylic table numberModern Forest WeddingModern Forest WeddingModern Forest Weddingcheesecake bitesModern Forest Wedding

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