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I’m not sure if the slideshow is “played out” in your neck of the woods, but around here they are still relatively common and growing in popularity at first birthdays and anniversary parties. I’ve made some really amateur slideshows in the past (PowerPoint, whoop whoop!), but I didn’t want to add another item to my to do list before the wedding. Enter: the friendor. Or, in this case, the friend’s friendor.

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A few months ago, Mr. Eel and I attended the first birthday party of a close family friend. When the parents gave their thank you speech at the end, they mentioned their friend that had done their wedding slideshow. After the party I asked if their friend would be open to doing our slideshow and how much he would charge. He agreed to do our slideshow for $150, a bargain in my opinion and definitely worth the price of taking one thing off my list.

Now comes the fun part! Mr. Eel and I have been looking through old photo albums at our parents’ houses for pictures to include in our wedding slideshow. We found some real gems, and I will be saving these to show you after the wedding. We’ll be doing the typical photos of me as a child, photos of him as a child, and, finally, photos of us as a couple.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re planning to do a wedding slideshow:

1. Slideshow length: According to our friendor, the typical slideshow lasts around seven to eight minutes. Anything longer and guests may start to get bored. While we have a lot of pictures we would love to include, we also want to stick to the seven minute rule, so we’ll be narrowing it down to our absolute favorites.

2. Number of pictures: Each picture uses about three to four seconds, which equals ~15 photos per minute. At seven to eight minutes that’s (hold on, I need to get my calculator) 105 to 120 photos total. Our friendor also recommended that we provide some “extra” pictures that they may use as fillers in case they need more. These photos should be nice to have, rather than have to have, in the event they don’t make the final cut.

3. Song choice: Choose three songs to signify the different sections of the wedding slideshow. Even though our slideshow will be the length of approximately two songs, our friendor said they will edit the songs we choose to use the best parts. Also, choose songs that have a significance to you or your relationship. We’ve chosen the very unconventional “Through the Wire” by Kanye West for the “us as a couple” section of the slideshow. Even though it isn’t the typical wedding slideshow (or any slideshow for that matter) song, we both love this song and hands down wanted to use it.

4. Picture choice: Choose pictures that include people who will be attending your wedding. The slideshow is a great way to show your guests how they have been a part of your life. It’s also a great idea to choose some of those funnier pictures of you and your significant other—your guests want to see the real you, and it will also help to keep them engaged!

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Personal Photo

5. Non-slideshow options: Maybe the typical wedding slideshow is not for you. That’s OK! There are so many other great ideas to showcase your childhood photos. Our wedding coordinator had recommended a slideshow playing in the background during our dinner/reception with our photos rotating throughout the night; no music, of course. Or, there are a ton of great ideas to display photos at your sign-in table or other areas of the reception. All it takes is a little creativity (or Google).

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Mr. Eel and I are having so much fun going through our old photos together and choosing which ones we want to include in our slideshow. This has definitely been a fun wedding task, and it’s a bonus that it’s one we can do together!

Are you having or did you have a wedding slideshow?

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